About Impro Embassy

Ratibor Theater is Berlin's number one venue for a diverse range of international improvised performances. Improv players from around the globe have been playing here since 2001 during IMPRO – the international festival for improvisational theater hosted by the city's best known improv ensemble „Die Gorillas“. IMPRO EMBASSY brings you even more premium improvisers from all over the world on a regular basis.
Beyond that it is home to special recurring shows with our wonderful Berlin improv expats Inbal Lori from Israel and Lee White from Canada.
On select Thursdays IMPRO EMBASSY presents Berlin's best improvisers, invites world famous players and groups with their showcases or even brings international performers together for brand new mixed shows.
Impro Embassy is pure variety and shows the cultural diversity of a spontaneous live art form. Immerse yourself and let yourself be enchanted by characters and stories that are current, endearing and always remain unique.