The Berlin Senate has lifted the rules on the pandemic from 1.4.2022.
We recommend wearing the FFP2 masks in the theater to protect against infection.

The concept will be updated accordingly in case of hotspot classification and is based on the Infection Protection Ordinance and the hygiene framework concept of the Berlin Senate

All employees, actors and musicians are vaccinated or recovered and test themselves regularly despite the lifting of rules.

In general, the payment systems with various terminals have been converted to cashless payment at the cash desk and cash, cash payment still works.

The federal government's AHA rules should be followed despite the proofs. We therefore recommend all visitors to wear a protective mouth-nose mask everywhere in the theater especially if distances cannot be avoided.

We have already designed a working hygiene concept for the theater in 2020 with the appropriate remodeling and equipment measures under the provisions of the Senate's regulations for indoor events and invested in comprehensive cleaning and infection control equipment. There were 30 hygiene UV LED modules installed throughout the theater and our air conditioning system was serviced again. The theater space (audience/technical area/bar/wardrobe/stage) is irradiated with the Hygiene UV LED modules before and after events when the theater is deserted, making it virus and bacteria free.

Our regularly tested ventilation system, fan, open windows and doors ensure constant air exchange in the room. The windows and doors are opened during the show according to the current specifications and a CO2 meter checks the air quality. The air-conditioning system cools the room comfortably if it is too warm and ensures further movement of the air. The posting of safety instructions or information signs to guide visitors and prevent infection serves as a guide for all guests. Two disinfection dispensers are available at the entrance, we advise thorough hand washing with soap according to hygiene regulations. Another disinfection dispenser will be available in the guest room.

Please be aware that measures may change in the near future according to infection incidence and regulations. We will adapt our concept accordingly.