About Impro Embassy

The Ratibor Theater is well known for its versatile improvisational theater performances. It is the home of Berlin's number one improv ensemble Die Gorillas and the annual festival for improvisational theater IMPRO. Now the curtains rise for an improv show that presents international perfomances to a growing cosmopolitan community in Berlin. IMPRO EMBASSY was created to open the impro scene to all expats, tourists, impro regulars and to anyone who understands English. Thursdays the Ratibor Theater invites some of the most renowned and respected improv actors from all over the world to create stories spontaneously and in any artistic improvised way as a solo show or mixed with other improvisers. There is no script, there is no director. There is only the audience's suggestion and everything else develops on stage.
We have a summer break from July to September. On October 12th the Impro Embassy will again be there for you with their English show series.