The concept is updated accordingly in the event of lock-ups and is based on the Infection Protection Ordinance (Infektionsschutzverordnung) and the "Hygienerahmenkonzept" of the Berlin Senate.

Our hygiene concept is based on tested, vaccinated and recovered attendants.

This means all staff, actors and musicians will be tested or vaccinated and audience members may attend the event with proof of testing, recovery or vaccination.

Proof for patrons:
A theater staff member will check proof for those recovered, vaccinated and tested.

Written or electronic certification (as per paragraph 2 of the Berlin Senate Infection Control Ordinance) of a negative test result from a point-of-care (PoC) antigen test performed within the last 24 hours must be provided.


The guest must provide written or electronic certification (in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Infection Protection Ordinance) of a negative test result from a recent PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection that is no more than 24 hours old. We ask guests to test before visiting (nearby → For children, the test proof is valid from the age of 6. Students can show proof by presenting your student ID card during non-holiday periods.

Recovered persons:
Evidence may be a notice of a positive PCR test. This is valid no earlier than 28 days after the test date and up to six months thereafter. Likewise, a certificate from the health department ordering isolation and a subsequent negative test result is possible as proof.

Proof of Vaccination:
Vaccinated guests must provide proof of full vaccination coverage (2x vaccinated or 1xJohnson&Johnson vaccinated) - e.g. vaccination record or form completed by the vaccination center.

We want to register the digital attendance documentation of the guests in case of infection via the encrypted LucaApp or Corona-Warn app. Please install one of these apps on your cell phone beforehand ( OR Spontaneous purchase of tickets at the box office and manual attendance documentation (slip of paper that will be destroyed after 4 weeks) are possible. In general, the payment systems have been changed to cashless payment at the box office and cash with various terminals, cash payment still works.

The AHA rules of the federal government should be followed despite the proofs. We therefore ask all visitors to wear a protective mouth-nose mask on walkways if they cannot maintain the 1.5m distance from people of another household (on narrower walkways, at the bar, at the cash register, in the toilet area). On the seats the mask can be taken off.

Guests will have fixed seats, we will adjust the reservations to the current conditions and pay attention to the relevant regulations.

Last year we already designed a functioning hygiene concept for the theater with the corresponding reconstruction and equipment measures under the regulations of the Senate's ordinances for indoor events and invested in comprehensive cleaning and infection control equipment. There were 30 hygiene UV LED modules installed throughout the theater and our air conditioning system was serviced again. The theater space (audience/technical area/bar/wardrobe/stage) is irradiated with the Hygiene UV LED modules before and after events when the theater is deserted, making it virus and bacteria free.

Our regularly tested ventilation system, fan, open windows and doors ensure constant air exchange in the room. The windows and doors are opened during the show according to the current specifications and a CO2 meter checks the air quality. The air-conditioning system cools the room comfortably if it is too warm and ensures further movement of the air. Spacing tape is also used in the entrance area to pre-mark the recommended spacing of guests in the entrance. The posting of safety instructions or spacing tape to guide visitors and prevent infection serves as a guide for all guests. Two disinfection dispensers are available at the entrance, we advise thorough hand washing with soap according to hygiene regulations. Another disinfection dispenser will be available in the guest room.

Please be aware that measures may change in the near future according to infection incidence and regulations. We will adapt our concept accordingly.