Über Impro Embassy - Strangers For Tonight

We put together three amazing strangers for one magical night of improv. Derek Flores, a master of words, Daniel Orrantia, a master of silence, and Inbal Lori, a master of singing, have never met on stage as a trio before. Derek trained at Loose Moose under the eye of Keith Johnstone in Calgary Canada, traveled the world as a street performer, worked with Second City, and has been living in Wellington for over ten years. Daniel lives in Colombia and pushes improvisation into a physical world, mixing clowning, mime comics and painting into his improvised story telling. Tel Aviv's Inbal Lori lives in Berlin and is one of Impro Embassy's favorites, always creating strong characters and highly energetic scenes. As world travelers these three strangers have much in common, they just dont know yet. Putting together these three world renown performers will explode with hilarity. They will join together for one night only and the results will be something you don’t want to miss.