#IranRevolution - Sisterhood

As a community of improvisers we want to give our respect and support to the revolution in Iran. Iranians are not only protesting compulsory hijab and the morality police but they are also protesting against gender apartheid, for freedom of expression and against the corrupt theoacraty. In this impro show we share our stories, share our hopes and fears while celebrating liberty.

The Ratibor theater will host us as we gather as sisters to all women in this world so that our voices will be heard louder and clearer: A women's body belongs to herself, Women's voices must be heard to make better societies, and that Women can be the messengers of liberty, art, communit​ies​ and shared joy.

The proceeds from the evening will go to support on one part the non-governmental organization HÁWAR.help (https://www.hawar.help/en/) and the other part to the Association of Iranian Refugees in Berlin (https://iprberlin.com/de/). The team of HÁWAR.help are human rights activists who commit to stand up for every ethnic group and are giving a voice to the Iranian Revolution as they raise awareness in German politics and society.
The show is multilingual/German/English.
12 € entry/donation
There will be 1000€ donated from the proceeds and from the theater until the end of this year to the above causes.